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The Fair hosts masterpieces of 16 international watch brands with hundreds of models and collections, including IWC Schaffhausen, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the brand’s iconic Portugieser watch line and launching a new collection at this year’s SIHH.

General Manager, as an IWC owner, "Above all, a hand-crafted watch is a design masterpiece of arithmetic. I admiringly watch the gear-wheels of my IWC, from its transparent back-plate, my three-year property" said.

Visiting the Watch Fair in Geneva, he told his observations on the Fair in general, as follows:


"To what extend do we need a watch?
We have clocks on our mobile phones, which update themselves spontaneously.
TV and radio stations announce the time frequently.
The street clocks around us, among the city furniture, show the time.
So, why does a woman or a man wear a watch, in such a plenitude of time tools?
Watch; may be the unique accessory of the men in their whole lives.
The brand and the model of the watches they wear, make the difference.
I like to wear a watch.
Above all, a hand-crafted watch is a design masterpiece of arithmetic.
I admiringly watch the gear-wheels of my IWC, from its transparent back-plate, my three-year property.
How coherent road runners they are.
They resist against the gravity.
They get the power they need from their own structure, just like the challenge of almost 560-tonne A380 aircraft against gravity.
Those gear-wheels carry our lives, indeed.
From the next, to the next, seamless and faultless, they read the times from rotation of the earth to movement of the moon, the times passing from night to daytime, correctly.
A hand-crafted watch, a watch which does not get its power from e cell is healthier; more admirable.
Awareness of such a watch on my wrist makes me to use my arm more powerfully.
My watch almost lifts me up in the sky, when it is seen just under my shirtsleeve.
I am in Palexpo, well known convention  centre of Geneva, where the fair of business jets (EBACE) is organised.
I visit the place during almost all times when the fair is organised.
I wander about among the jets admiringly.
I get in and out of the new jet models.
This goes on for years just like in this way.
I am wandering about at the same fair, in the same halls, but for the first time among watches.
The organisation, with an acronym of SIHH, has brought watches of design masterpieces together, one more valuable than the other.
I can't keep my eyes off.
Expensive or very expensive; I like the plain ones, rather than the ones stuffed with diamond, golden or platinum.
I ignore their identities of jewellery.
The design, perfect structure and the arithmetical friendship of those tiny parts impress me.
I integrate the watches getting all their energy from a shaking arm with the power created by the rotating wind roses.
The watches running without consuming or stealing anything from the earth amaze me.
While wandering about in Palexpo, I witness the information given by the watch designers to the customers, in admiration.
I look at the watch on my wrist. The time watch shows is an hour forward from the local time.
An hour has passed since ı arrived Geneva.
I have to set the watch an hour back.
Though, mobile phones or the watches linked to the satellites do this automatically.
But I do this job manually.
It is better. Once again my mind and my watch come together.
I realize the difference of the time in another country better.
The timing of my return flight will be in line with the watch on my wrist.
I am aware of everything.
Being aware of time means to live the time better for me..."


The renewed collection of Portugieser, one of the most favorite models of IWC, was launched during the Fair, at its 75th Anniversary. In the new models of Portugieser, more mechanisms were used and a different approach on design and technology was implemented. The manufacturer plans to launch three new caliber families in the years ahead. Prices of the watches differ from 22,500 to 33,500 euros.

A. Lange & Söhne's, another member of the Richemont Group of compenias like IWC, launched an unusal watch in the Fair; with a mechanism including 787 parts. Aviators say "It is almost made of Boeing 787 parts" for the number of its parts. The model, called Terraluna, has a price of 230 thousand dollars.

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